Big metropolises are prevalently formed by thousands of condominiums. Buildings consisting of at least six apartments distributed on several floors.

In fact a building is defined as Condominium when it is composed by at least six apartments. When a condominium is formed an apartment building manager is nominated who is in charge of its administration, maintenance and care.

For most of the choices and practical actions the manager has to consult the joint-owner board in a condominium meeting, while for the other urgent choices he has the faculty to intervene independently from the condominium meeting.

Even if they are defined in the same way there are many differences between a condominium and another.

Cellars, garages, terraces, courtyards, parkings, lavatories, piloty floors, access ramps, flower beds, gardens, elevators, windows or large windows, main doors, are only a few aspects that may change between a condominium and another.

The substantial difference is represented by the number of families composing a condominium. Is it possible to compare a condominium with two floors and six families to a condominium with six floors and fifty families? Of course not.

imprendo has been dealing with maintenance and care of every kind of condominium for many years, thanks to a wide range of services.

Talking about cleaning is limitative considering the various services imprendo is able to accomplish in a condominium; with that we do not want to underestimate the cleaning of a condominium, since we are on the front-line to bring innovation and experience in condominium cleaning.

We want to underline that condominiums we serve have a cleaning plan specifically studied to fulfil requirements and specifications of the condominial complex decided in synergy with the management and joint-owner board.

Some of the most important functions are put in a calendar, for instance some external hydro-cleaning washes are scheduled for spring months etc..

We are able to deal with condominial cleaning in various daily frequencies, starting from the classic twice a week to the most specific condominium demands.

First FREE rough and effective actions are the standard to start well. Cleaning on a pre-cleaned part is the most economic and practical solution you can adopt to clean a condominium.

Other firms or societies act so as to carry out their service keeping the cleaning level constantly sufficient or sometimes insufficient; so thinking to please the client keeping the price considerably low. This is NOT the cleaning process imprendo uses as we consider it more expensive and less satisfying.

To keep costs controlled GUARANTEEING the service quality is the base of our proposals for condominium cleaning.

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