Birds-Removal Allontanamento Volatili

Birds and flocks of birds such as pigeons, crows, seagulls, sparrows are becoming  more and more common in urban areas. In fact birds constitute a serious threat not only for historical monuments and buildings in general, as they can create numerous problems to public wellbeing.

As a matter of fact birds’ droppings can lead to many and different infections, some of wich can either be contagious or even deadly for both human beings and domestic animales. We are talking about illnesses such as salmonella, criptococcosis (lung infection), histoplasmosis ( similar to tubercolosis), ornitosis ( rare lung infection). Moreover birds can easily carry different kind of parasites such as fleas, ticks and acarus that especially infested in their nesting posts throughout the building, in places such as unde rooftops and spouting.

Birds-Removal Allontanamento Volatili

Legally in accordance with the law n. 968 of the 27/12/1972 pigeons are defined as “environmental goods” and “ public property”, therefore without an authorization ( in this case USL offices) birds cannot be captured nor sterilized and, therefore they cannot be poisoned nor exterminated.

Anyway birds can still be deterred from attending certain areas in different ways.

This is what imprendo is aiming for through the installation of electrical services, anti-birds nets, metallic dissuaders and bird wire.

We are talking about:

Anti-birds nets:  nylon-made  high resistance webs that limit the birds access to the rooftops ( pigeons, seagulls, sparrows), therefore protecting the buildings.

Metallic dissuadors: built in stainless steel, this product is ideal to protect building eaves and water spouts from pigeons and any other kind of birds.

The number of installable dissuadors, and their position is proportional to the area needing protection.


an exampleBirds-Removal Allontanamento VolatiliBirds-Removal Allontanamento Volatili

Bird wire: bird wire is a post and wire system that creates an unstable landing area for pigeons, seagulls, and larger birds. This is achieved by a wire positioned horizontally to the landing surface, creating unstable landing ground for the pests forcing them to land on different surfaces.

Net dissuasors: this system consists a net which is anchored to the building that protects the access area from the birds. Nets are made of polypropylene, steel and have different coloured mesh. These nets are useful to protect internal yards, roofs, internal attic structures and vertical bass-relief surfaces; they completely prevent birds from entering the protected spaces. The structure’s protection becomes decisive and long-lasting with a very reduced visual impact. The net system provides a definite resolution to the birds problem in a inperceptible way, thanks also to the different tones that are available.

Chemical dissuasors: they offer a solution to situations where the metalic dissuadors are not suited due to structural obsticals. Paste repellent (composed of non-toxic synthetic plastic materials) causes birds to loose their ability to grip and balance. Therefore birds avoid stopping on the treated surfaces, at least for a year. This product freezes, doesn’t melt, it is not soluble in water, and in not an electricity conducter.

All these products are valid, secure, unoffensive and effective.

It is preferred to use an integrated system of dissuadors to obtain best results; for example a mix of audio, visual and physical dissuadors can offer the best solution to the bird problem. This solution is particularly effective in certain areas where groups of birds persist on stopping due to the availability of shelter, food and protection.

The integrated usage od various dissuadors allowes them to have a more effective synergetic action against birds presence.