Haccp system for the fight against the mosquitoes

The mosquitoes emergence appears in its entire buzzing, piercing, and irritating dimension. On the newspaper appears the “usual” feature of general information. Do not run out the ones that underline the insufficiency of the interventions and these, as much predictable, of refutation. It’s pointless to hide it: in the fight against the mosquitoes they are the winners; in spite of ever more effective products, monitoring techniques ever more advanced, controls (in the sense of controlling and not to take under control the problem) ever more detailed, refer to the GPS and similar.

Certainly we have gone a long way from the morning when we heard to flutter along the streets the unmistakable smell of insecticide. Indeed, in the majority it had a musty smell and more they thought it was effective. Now the therapeutical approach is, luckily, very aware to the safeness. However it remains the fact that everyone of us would want the more encouraging results.


About the adult fight I do not feel to express any opinion, but I think that it is a system that has to be taken under review. The entomological problems are just a sight of the problem, that has not to be neglected, but the real point of excellence is first of all an overview where every sight must to integrate functionally with the others, but if we want to search for the anchor, it is the organization. On the third point, as far as I experienced how it is involving to follow an effectiveness test personally, I also learned to trust in everything that the literature refers: it is ever the summery of tests effectuated by other researchers and for this reason it is worthy to be taken at the right account. The thing that has impressed me is a meeting where they talked about the ineffectiveness of a compound based on a photostable phyrethroid, when at the contrary it was the distributive technique that had to be object of reproach, using the word in its real meaning.


Also the “science” must handle our emotions and a kind of “technical illusionism” that must be taken under control by the god sense and rational judgements. A logical and proven criterion is the one known as “Haccp system”. It is known to everybody, I do not become longer in the enunciations, I limit myself to apply it to the two fighting systems: the larvicidal one and the adulticidal one. In the first case the critical point is the capability of organizating the intervenes for interesting the bigger possible number of larval breeding grounds. I assure you that in a city in Puglia I have estimated 500.000 of them! For doing it I spent a lot of days with the help of people that known very well the city and with two experts of the urban toponimy. By the way calculating 30 seconds for each breeding ground would be necessary less than 700 working hours. Everything or nearly it is possible, but we have to know the problem for searching the solution.

For the adulticidal fight, the critical point is the safety and for this reason it scares. It is a therapy whose prescription is not peaceful. We need to value the cost, the benefit, and the risk. We have to understand that saying adulticidal fight is not sufficient, we have to establish at least: in which way, where, and when. It is not the site, but about “in which way” we need to decide the volume of erogation (thinking about the problems of the drifts if we decide to use the ultra low volume JLV), to the kind of encapsulated and the active principles with the connection effectiveness/risk. About the “where” we can be unanimous, but about “when”, above all for the times of application, would get up, rightly, a lot of difficulties. But I remain of the opinion that a fighting program has to be based on the integration of the prevention intervenes, larvicidal fight supported (where it serves, and for the time that serves) by the adulticidal fight.
The universe city is a reality really extended; for taking part in a realistically effective way we need to know it very well, and dispose of instruments for valuing well the aspects of the organization. Do not forget that they represent less than 90% of the costs and so they would request the 90% of the planning engagement.

I would end with an example: if coming into a car dealer I will continue to ask some questions about the colours of the coachwork and their coupling with the tissues of the internals the selling probably would not become longer about other characteristics; so, the really important aspects for a person that needs a car for working are the prices for the exercise and the safety. Likewise, the specification of the contract must agree the prices for the exercise connected with the contract of work to optimize them and so permit targeted interventions and also economical, and this do not indicate at the lower price, but neither the higher: everything must satisfy the “fundamental of coherence”.