Pest control against ants with ecological system

The Koant professional utilizes the social behaviour of the ants for maximizing its action. The product stops, into 2-12 hours from the ingestion, the intestinal passage of the worker ant that has got the responsibility of the maintenance of the anthill, breaking off thereby the process of nourishing of the entire colony.

The Koant professional must be ideally applied near the nests, close to the passageways and into the inspection places of the worker ants. Its action is delayed and then we cannot notice the dead insects near the bait. We start to appreciate the effect in the space of a month from the application.

The Koant professional must be laid down in the form of little portions or strikes of 5-8 grammas using the proper blister. It is suitable to put the bait along each known track, putting the product inside each infesting area in the proportion of 5-8 grammas for each 10 square meters for obtaining the maximum effectiveness. In the case of heavy and persistent infestations increase the dosage. The control and the contingent recovery of the product are recommended at the beginning of duration of the treatment for every week. Avoid the presence of insecticides in the treated area because they conflict in the negative on the working principle of the product.

The Koant professional is equipped into blisters provided with a douser lip and, when it is opened, it can be easily kept closing again the packaging with the proper cap.

Thanks to the totally ecological nature it does not have risks for the human being, the environment and the pets: for this reason it does not need particular precautions for its usage.