Pest control against hornets

The hornets present in our country belong, above al, to 2 breeds: theWasp cabro spread all over the Italian territory and the Wasp orientalispresents only in southern areas.

On the average they are 35mm long whale (but they can also exceed 50mm), they are brown, with the abdomen truncated at the level of its insertion to the thorax and yellow signed.

They are part of the family of Vespidae (commonly known as Wasps) and are social insects of Hymenoptera’s order. They live in settlements organized in casts in the inside of the wasps’ nests.

The hornet as all the social Wasps increases following an annual cycle. The only rich female, the queen, can survive to the winter in a protected place. It passes the cold season under Rocks or pebbles, utilizing covers offered by the buildings.

Coming out from the long hibernation, the queen looks for an eligible place to the construction of the nest. This can be suspended or hidden into a cavity, with the cells’ hole oriented to the ground; sometime can use an empty beehive.

All the insects of hymenoptera’s family (Bee, Hornet, Wasp) have got a sting, with which they inject into the skin a poison that, generally, provokes only local problems. The poison contains irritating substances, which provoke swelling and reddening. However the substances can provoke deep reactions and anaphylactic shock in persons suffering from allergy and genetically susceptible.

Even though the hornets are not particularly aggressive to the human beings, they are often considered very dangerous. They are more intimidating, because they introduce a higher quantity of poison than the wasps.

For these reasons is very important not to underestimate the dangerous that a wasps’ nest built in our houses, or nearby, represent.


The inspection is the first operation for measuring how to execute the pest control against the hornets.

The second is the clothing of the operators. For the pest control against the hornets the technical equipment by protective suits for the pest controller.

It is essential before the Pest Control against the hornets to remove people, thinking above all of the presence of allergic subjects.

After this preparation it starts the real pest control against hornets. Previously is vaporized a part of the product around the nest for destabilizing the area. Then do some injection of the product in the depth of the wasps’ nest. The chemical action needs some minute for having effect.

The nest with all the insects that are remained inside is closed and sealed in proper Plastic bags.