Usually, with the word Wasps, is signified a group of insects that belongs to the order of spiny hymenoptera to which belongs the family of Vespidae.

The breeds of wasps of vespidae family more widespread in our country are the order of Vespula and Polistes:

  • Vespula vulgaris (common Wasp) this category of wasp, make colonies of 1000-2000 individuals and build the nest in the hidden hollow or into the ground where they can become so dangerous because they are easily disturbed.
  • Polistes gallicus is slightly little than the common wasp and its nest is built by a lonely honeycomb facing down.
  • Vespa crabro (Humble-bee) put its nest in the hollow of the trees, into the ground under roofs etc.; is composed by more honeycombs that are overlapped and measure 30-40 cm.

The Wasps are insects of eusocial type, characteristic that is found in not much order of insects or better in those insects that live in colonies organized into castes (groups of creatures with different functions):

  • Queen (female Wasps impregnated)
  • Drones (productive male)
  • Workers (female Wasps barren)

The colonies of wasps have an annual cycle; it starts from spring season when the queen Wasps impregnated in the previous fall, starts to build a new nest starting a new settlement of Wasps with the deposition of 10-20 eggs, from which will start the first group of workers Wasps that feed the maggots, constituted by proteinic substances and build and enlarge the nest with new cells using soft tissue of chewed wood, moulded with the saliva from which is formed a substance equivalent to the Cardboard from which the nickname of “Hardback Wasps”.

Depending to the type the nest can contain to 20.000 creatures.

With the end of the summer the worker Wasps stop to feed the maggots and hunt round for fruits and sweet substances and in this period they begin more aggressive to the coming of the first cold when they die.

Always with the end of the summer it starts to form the focus and the impregnated females, after the mating the male of the Wasps die while the future queen Wasps, impregnated go for a place where hibernate.

The queen Wasp with its entire origin colony of worker Wasps die.

The Wasps unlike the bees do not generate Wax and do not have the barbed sting, they can sting many times and do not die.

The sting of the Wasps is dangerous only for those persons susceptible to the poison and can cause an anaphylactic shock.


The Wasps like the Bees are useful to the farming for their very important job of pollination but often they build their nests in dangerous position for the human being, in sheltered place like the attics, the angles of the windows and the doors.

The Wasps increase at the end of the summer e become more aggressive if they are disturbed, so for having an adequate control is better occur for the pest control when the nest is still little in the springtime and in the first hours of the mornings or in the evening, always with suited protections.

The greater difficulty for the pest control of the wasps, begin from the position of the nest always unobtainable and hidden under the tiles, timbers, rolling-shutter boxes, and the angles very high of the houses.

In these cases is advisable, if not essential aim to specialized personnel.

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