A place not very clean or badly maintained makes hugely worse the way we live or work together and help even to spread infections, bacterial agents, allergies, asthma, erythema, etc.

Have you ever experienced the agreeable sensation of coming in a cleaned and perfumed place? Surely, yes. Well, behind this sensation there is surely a great job.

A place, many people frequent every day at the same time, needs cleaning with an appropriate methodology. A clean, perfumed and really sanitized office helps to crea
te an harmony in the people’s working day, who is involved in it.

imprendo has been talking for many years about toilet-handlings and telephone receivers* disinfections, about aroma therapy**, anti-mites treatments for flooring*** and accurate dusting of furniture and high and hidden shelves.

* Kemawipe system with disinfectant soaked gauzes.
** the agreeable sensation of fragrances and perfumes
*** preventive disinfection system

To face this kind of problems, the imprendo Company, thanks to its skilled staff’s commitment and to its consolidated technical experience, is able to prearrange effective and constant work plans, useful to every kind of places and buildings, utilizing suitable equipment, machineries and specific detergent and sanifying chemicals according to the work safety rules for the operating personnel and the whole respect due to the acoustic and environmental anti-pollution rules (D.L.626/94)

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